Monday 21 October 2019

Egtved Girl

This is the burial of the so called "Egtved Girl", a 16-18 year old girl, buried in 1370 BC in an oak coffin that was covered with the barrow Storehøj near Egtved, west of Vejle, Danemark. 

She was buried wearing s short cord skirt. 

Here is what she would have probably looked like wearing these clothes

This is the bronze figurine of a girl making a backward bridge or somersaults, found at Grevensvænge near Næstved. She is only wearing a neck ring and the same kind of cord skirt as the Egtved Girl, however, a little shorter

This is the female bronze figurine found at Fårdal near Viborg. It depicts a woman offering her breast. She is dressed in the same type of cord skirt as the Egtved girl. She could also be wearing a neck ring...

What was the climate like in Scandinavia at that time if girls could walk around dressed like this? Well much warmer. These girls lived during the so called"Minoan Warm Period" a period of time with much higher average temperatures in the Baltic than they are today. Sign of how warm South Baltic was during the time when Egtved girl lived and died is that during that time millet (type of grain) was grown in southern Scandinavia. Today millet is grown in tropical and subtropical regions...

Compare the average temperature then (red arrow on the first green bar) with average temperature now (the last green bar) on the chart...

The above chart is from my article about climate fluctuations in Europe over last 5000 years and how they affected salt extraction in my post "Fulacht Faidh - Salt extraction facility".


  1. That looks like a guy doing a backflip wearing shorts/a kilt and some sort of hat. Like people in the nordic petroglyphs doing backflips on boats and minoans doing backflips over bulls.

    1. Well these skirts were only found in women's graves. So unless this guy was a cross dresser...

    2. the figurine isn't wearing a skirt like those from the graves though, it's shorter for starters, as you said.

    3. The Minoans doing back flips over bulls signifies the end of the age of Taurus.

  2. The “back flip” figure of the Minoan bull leap frescos was more likely the constellation Andromeda.