Thursday 1 April 2021

Lugus or Triglav

Two years ago I posted this picture 

Three headed Idol from Vaćani, Dalmatia, Croatia, probably represented Slavic god Triglav (Three headed, Trimurti) who was identified with Dabog, the supreme god of the Serbs. Similar ancient stone head was found in Ireland. I talked about it in my post "Triglav"...

Then yesterday I came across this article by Anne Ross: "A pagan tricephalos from Netherton, Lanarkshire"...And in it, she talks about three almost identical idols presumed to be Celtic...

The first one was found in Netherton, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

The second one was found in Marne valley, France

The third was found in Raphoe, County Donegal, Ireland. 

And according to the author, the Irish legends about the stone point to the possibility that it could depict the Celtic god Lugus, who was "one of three brothers" all called the same, basically Triglav (tricephalos)...

So is the idol from Croatia Celtic too? And what is the relationship between Lugus and Triglav?


  1. No it is slavic.

  2. Yes Triglav is Slavic, or Ancient Serbian God. That is why the mountain in west Yugoslavia is called Triglav. All other explanations are fake.