Saturday 24 April 2021

Jupiter from Ibrahimovci

Altar dedicated to Jupiter, Juno und Minerva, Macedonia

In his 1925 paper "The Ring of Nestor", Sir Arthur Evans, the excavator of Knossos, mentions a curious rain-making ritual which was performed in Ibrahimovci, near Skoplje, Macedonia, during droughts.

This is 1925 we are talking about. At least 1500 years since Jupiter was officially a god of rain...And yet, uneducated, illiterate SLAVIC villagers in Macedonia still remembered him in times of desperation...

What is very interesting is that this altar "was lying face down normally but was lifted when the rain was needed". Compare this with this Slavic rain making ritual from Belarus in which Dabog's stone (Dabog was Slavic Sky god) is ceremonially lifted during droughts...

I talked about Slavic "Weather stones" rituals in my posts "The last megalithic ritual in Europe" and "Weather stones"...


  1. Hi! huge fan of your blog.
    this tradition was quite common in Georgia(country) too, my great-grandfather was the one who used to make this ritual in the village. though in this ritual there was an animal sacrifice involved, if i remember it right, it was a dull.
    this is the land of King Ae√ętes and Medea from myth of argonauts, the Colchis. i was born here and have heard many many many things that i think might interest you! would be cool if we can chat somewhere cause i really wanna share it wish someone like you.
    sending lots of love<3

    1. Well bull sacrifice is very interesting indeed, cause this is the main sacrificial animal of Perun, Slavic Thunder god...Was still sacrificed to him until the 20th century during the hottest part of the year, end of Jul beginning of Aug...

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  3. In addition to Colchis, Georgia, a Croatian told me sees huge ("shocking") similarity between South Slav traditional life and Dagestan traditional life. I have no idea.