Thursday 18 July 2019

Jarba fjeruluj

Jarba fjeruluj (Iron plant) is a  type of amulet made by Vlah shepherds from the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Serbia. It is said to protect a man from "anything that flashes like lightning or booms like a thunder" (any blade weapon or firearm).

Making the Iron Plant is the only magical ritual in the Vlah magic which was performed by men.

This amulet can only be made on St George's night by the man who will wear it. It can't be bought or sold. Pic: ritual fist milking of sheep which takes place on St George's day. More about shepherd's rituals performed on St Georges day can be found in my post "Aries must die".

The amulet consists of two parts. A small box like this one.

 This box has to be made from Oskoruša (Sorbus domestica) wood (type of rowan).

Inside of the box the man places a single "male" (red) hazel flower. In Serbia people believe that hazel produces male (red) and female (pink) flowers.

In Serbia people believed that "thunder never strikes hazel tree", hazel being a holy tree.

Shepherds used to tie hazel twigs around their waists to protect themselves during thunderstorms

But this hazel flower had to be obtained in a special way:

The amulet protects its owner against "anything that flashes like lightning or booms like a thunder" if it's kept next to the body. In extreme danger, the amulet box can be opened and pointed towards the danger for extra protection

The amulet loses its power if a crime is committed while wearing it, if it's brought into a church or if it's worn during sex

At the end of the owner's life, the amulet is passed on to his son

Source: "Vlaška magija" by Jasna Jojić

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