Wednesday 17 June 2020

Maltese cross seal from Elam

Proto-Elamite cylinder seal found in Jemdet Nasr and dated to 3100BC-3000BC. Depicting two Ibex goats with a 'Maltese' cross between them. 

Elam (Western Iran) was another place where Ibex (Bezoar) goat was "The Goat of Rain" (rain season started when Ibex goats began mating). Other parts of the world where we find the same link between Ibex (Bezoar) goats, rain season and fertility are Crete, Cyprus, parts of Anatolia, Levant, Arabia, Mesopotamia, parts of Central Asia (follow links to articles). 

The climate in Elam was divided into dry season (May-Oct) and wet season (Nov-Apr).

Ibex (Bezoar) goat mating season starts at the end of Oct beginning of Nov, when Ibex males, which are normally solitary, gather to fight for females...You can read more about the mating habits of Ibex (Bezoar) goats in my article "Goat".

Ibex dominates the oldest religious images in Mesopotamia, which date to the time before the irrigation was invented. During that time, people depended exclusively on rain to water their fields. Hence the veneration of Ibexes who signalled the arrival of rain season...

But what about Maltese crosses?

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  1. So, what does the Maltese cross mean?

    1. I am not sure. I think it's just the marker for time...But I am sure it will become clear once we compare all the seals with this symbol...