Friday 3 November 2017

Love magic doll

Roman "love magic doll", showing nude female bound and stabbed with 13 pins. Found with a lead curse tablet, 2nd-3rd century, Antinoopolis. Currently kept in Louvre. These dolls are called "kolossoi". This one was used in a love magic ritual :)

1. brain: only think about me; 
2. eyes: only have eyes for me; 
2. ears: only have ears for me; 
1. mouth: only speak about me; 
1. heart: only have feelings for me; 
1. vagina: only have desire for me; 
1. anus: only have desire for me; 
2. hands: only work for me;
2. feet: never walk away from me... 

Total 13

Bound: only be mine...

For those who say that this is a horrible custom, I have one question: What do most people today have in mind when they say that they want their partner to be "faithful"?


  1. A wonderful example of maleficium,at the expense of someone else, at least depending on your perspective. ;-)