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Baba mountains and crags

This peak on Stara planina (Old mountain) in South of Serbia is called "Babin zub" (Grandmother's tooth). It is one of many toponyms and hydronyms with the root "Baba" (Grandmother) found in the area. 

Interestingly, the word "Baba" (and its variant Boba) once also meant "rock" and "Mother Earth" 

There are many many more mountains, hills and crags with "Baba" in its name all over the Balkans. 

This is a page that will collect the names and images of all the known mountains, and other toponyms and hydronyms with the root "baba" or "boba" from the Balkans.

Please send me any info about any toponym or hydronym I missed. Thank you. 


This is an example of "bobija" from mountain Azbukovica, Serbia

Bobija, Serbia (copper mine)

Babina glava, Mt Suvobor, Serbia

Gužbaba, Mt. Šar planina, Serbia

Babino polje, Starac peak, Mt. Prokletija, Serbia

Visibaba, Azbukovica, Serbia (No pictures found)
Baba, Kopaonik - western Serbia (No pictures found)
Babin vrh, Kučaj (Resavica) (No pictures found) The whole area is full of caves and mines.

Babino Mašilo, Severni Kučaj. Babino Mašilo is a mountain in Serbia, situated between Prun, Šomrda and Trstenik, and nearby to Kriva Dula. 

Mučibaba, Stara planina

 Tresibaba, southeastern Serbia

Babušnica, valley below Stol (Table or Throne) mountain, Serbia

Babička gora, Serbia

Babin zub, Majdan. Couldn't find any picture of the Babin zub (Baba's tooth) peak, but here is a tipical scene from Majdan (Mine) mountain

Babin drob (No pictures found)

Baba, Rtanj, Serbia

Tornička Bobija, Mt Bobija, Serbia

Babin nos, Mt Stara Planina, Serbia

Babina Stena is a peak found in Kosovo, Serbia


Babin zub (Baba's tooth) peak, Mt. Stara Planina (Old Mountain), Serbia

Babin kuk, Stara planina, Serbia (no photo)

Babin nos, Serbia

Mt, Baba, Paracin, Serbia

Mt. Mala Baba, Paracin, Serbia


Two peaks are called Babin Vrh (Baba's peak).

Babin vrh  (Baba peak) (1) Južni Velebit, Croatia

Babin vrh  (Baba peak) (2)   Južni Velebit, Croatia

Babin kuk, Velebit Croatia

Visibaba (Hanging baba, snow drop), Mt. Velebit, Croatia. This is a very good video showing the climb to the Visibaba peak

Bobički kuk, Velebit, Croatia

Babin grob (Baba's grave), Mt. Učka, Croatia

Babina gomila (Baba's pile), Mt Rujnica, Croatia

Kuk (rock) Baba, Vinodol, Croatia

Rock outcrop called Baba, above the village Krvavic, near Makarska, Croatia


Mt. Babuna, Macedonia. On mountain Babuna there is a river Babunica. In Makedonia there was once a tribe called Babuni

Pelister, Mt. Baba, Macedonia

Baba pass, Mt Galičica. From this point you can see both lake Ohrid and lake Prespa. In front is mount Magaro


Babin zub, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Baba Mountain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, a mountain in the south-east of Bosnia-Herzegovina


Mala Bobija, Skadar, Montenegro

Bobija hill, Žabljak, Montenegro

Milunova bobija, Montenegro

Bablji zub, Sinjajevina, Montenegro

Babina Gora, nothern part of Mt. Baba, Prokletije, Montenegro

Babina glava, Lovćen, Montenegro


Etropolska Baba, a mountain in the Balkan Mountains near Etropole, Bulgaria

Tetevenska Baba, a mountain in the Balkan Mountains near Teteven, Bulgaria

Čelopečka baba, a mountain in the Balkan Mountains near Čelopek

Baba, Mt. Rila near the Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

Baba, Mt. Pirin, Bulgaria

Baba, Mt. Rodopi, Bulgaria


Lučka Baba, Slovenia

Velika and Mala Baba (Big and Small Baba) peaks in Kamnik Alps, Slovenia

Velika Baba, Jezersko, Slovenia

Velika Baba, krnsko jezero, Slovenia

Veliki Babanski Skedenj, Slovenia

Dovška baba, Mt. Karavanke, Slovenia

Ljubeljska Baba, Košutica, Mt. Karavanke, Slovenia

Poljanska baba on the eastern slope of Mt. Mežakla, Slovenia

"Babe na Kmniškem sedlu", Slovenia

Baba, Rodik

Ajdovska baba, Pilstanj, Slovenia

Babji zob, Mt Jablanica, Slovenia

Babji zob nad Martuljkom, Slovenia

Babji zob na Studorju, Slovenia

Babji zob v Kočevšu pod Vojskim, Slovenia

Babji zob, Škofjeloško, Cerkljansko hribovje in Jelovica


  1. Babia Góra one of the most iconic mountain in Poland, Babia Skała on Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska and very interseting fact connected with

  2. on Baba mountain, in Macedonia, highest pick, Pelister, there is also a toponym Babin Zab ( zub )

  3. To contribute to the list: Babina Greda, Croatia