Thursday 28 May 2020

Solar Ibex from Aeolis

Pottery dinos with friezes of grazing wild goats (Ibex). Ancient Greece, Aeolis, 610BC-570BC (circa). Currently in British Museum.

Why Ibexes with swastikas and suns?

Ibex mating season starts in Oct-Nov and ends in Jan, basically spanning the winter season. Which is why Ibex is the symbol of winter.

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Right in the middle of the mating periods of both Alpine and Bezoar ibex is Winter Solstice, 21st of December. And the day after the winter solstice is the beginning of the Capricorn (goat) period, which last from December 22 – January 20...

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In Eastern Mediterranean, winter is the rain season, the season of life. Which is why Ibex was symbol of Life in all the Eastern Mediterranean cultures...Like in Minoan Crete...

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The beginning of the Ibex mating season (October-November) was also the time when grain was planted in Eastern Mediterranean...Grain which is then used for making breads...Like this solar bread from Croatia which has the same type of swirly swastika found on the dinos next to the goat...


Ibex = New Grain, New Life

But also 

Ibex = New Sun, New Solar year. 

Swastika in Slavic folklore is known as "kolovrt" (what spins the wheel, or what spins in circle) and represents never ending spinning of the solar wheel, solar year...Which starts during Ibex mating season...

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