Friday 1 November 2019


Neda (Νέδα) is a river in the Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece. It begins on the southern slope of Mount Lykaion, near the village of Neda and flows into the Gulf of Kyparissia, a bay of the Ionian Sea. It is the only river in Greece with a feminine name. 

Strabo remarks that "Neda is the name of a river that comes down from the Arcadian mountains and its well springs were opened by Rhea who came there to get purified after she had given birth to Zeus" 

Interestingly Hebrew word 'Nida' denotes impurity of the woman during her menstruation period, or after giving birth, and in the scriptures we find expression "Nida waters" denoting unpurified waters??? 

Pausanias claimed "River Neda receives near Phigali the 'stream of impurity' Lumax which derives its name from the purification of Rhea". The Greek "lumax" is exact translation of the Hebrew "Nida"! 

Lumax (the river of impurity) flows into Neda (the river Rhea used for purification after giving birth to Zeus) near the town of Phigali. Pic: Temple of Apollo in Phigali, Karl Briullov Oil Painting 

According to Victor Bérard the name Phigali sounds like Hebrew word "Phigul" (stench, filth) which is synonymous with impurity (defilement)??? 

Jewish law, has very specific rules related to impurity after child birth. They are spelled out in Leviticus 12 entitled "Purification After Childbirth" 

So in Arcadia, Peloponnese, the river of impurity flows into the river of purification at the place of defilement??? All Hebrew words??? All connected with the ritual purification of Rhea??? Comments? 


  1. a comment? here you are !

  2. the river of impurity flows into the river of purification at the place of defilement - sounds like
    "The Nida itself is made of two smaller rivers, the White Nida and the Black Nida"