Sunday 8 January 2023


(In Mesopotamia) "There are flies that bite like bulldogs everywhere. . . The flies are awful; one black web of them this morning; in one's hair and eyes and mouth, in one's bath and shaving-water, in one's tea and in one's towel..." From: "Mons, Anzac & Kut" by Aubrey Herbert

Why am I talking about biting flies of Mesopotamia? 

Cause in the Sumerian lexicon we can find this entry:

"muš4: a biting insect"

Which is very interesting...

Cause of this: 

Serbo-Croatian: mušica = fly, from Proto-Balto-Slavic *máušāˀ, from Proto-Indo-European *mus- 

Cognate with Lithuanian mùsė, dialectal musià, Latvian muša, Latin musca...

Sumerian is a language isolate, without any known descendants or related languages...but...Interestingly, in it we find some very important words which (look like they) are direct cognates with Words from Balto-Slavic branch of IE languages...

Like words for:

King, Scribe and Tablet, Mind, Breath, Life, Grain, Weevil (Grain eating insect), Teeth, Sickle

And now fly???

BTW, Akkadian, a Semitic language, also has some very interesting words with (what look like direct) cognates in Balto-Slavic languages...

Like words for:

Axe, Balance (This could actually be a Sumerian word, we don't know), Gown, Acorn and Oak, Blood and Sacrifice

There is no explanation for how these words can be found in Sumerian and Akkadian, some of the oldest known Non IE languages, and in Balto-Slavic languages, allegedly "the youngest branch of IE languages"...

So what happened here? Is this just a giant pile of coincidences? I mean it must be, right? 

Or maybe we should look at Hurrians of the Mitanni and their Indo-Iranian elite as a possible link here???

As I said, I don't know...I am just documenting all this here...

BTW, there are more interesting words to be added to this list...Soon...

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