Wednesday 10 June 2015

Fairy tree

This is the Fairy Tree from Marley Park in Dublin Ireland. The tree is located half way up the path which meanders through the woodland on the left hand said of the lake. It is an old dead tree, which was turned into a fairy castle by some, unknown genius. One day he installed a tiny little door at the bottom of the tree. Then slowly over time he added windows, turrets, balconies. The effect of this was that it looked as if the fairy castle was really slowly built by little fairies who lived in the tree. The tree became a pilgrimage place for little kids from the area. They bring their dodies (dummies, soothers) and leave them at the tree as the present for the fairies when they decide that they are too big to suck on them any more (to the delight of their parents). Children use the tree as a wishing tree and you’ll find little notes pinned to it. It’s really a very special place.

I love this fairy tree. Sometimes I think that it really could be fairies that built their home inside of it. I mean someone has to be adding the extra doors, windows and even a washing line to the tree. Fairies are as good an explanation as any.

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